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Michael CurranPrincipal Consultant

Who are Fidabona? About our consultancy.

Who we work with and why

We choose to work with SME businesses who want to establish themselves as a 'Trusted Partner' by putting the people whose data it uses first.

We're probably not right for you if you see complying with your privacy obligations as an inconvenient, GDPR focused documentation exercise to be completed and filed away under "thank god that's over".

Privacy should not be a tick box exercise or something which inhibits you commercially ... we concentrate on helping you implement a privacy friendly culture, give you ways to stand out from the competition and allow your team to focus on growing a business fit for the trust economy. Complying with GDPR is the happy side effect, not the sole aim of what we aim to add to your business.

Our Name

Modern view, ancient principle.

Our name comes from the principle of Roman Law 'ex fidabona'. It requires that agreements should be according to good business norms and that contractual parties keep their words making it possible for them to trust each other.
Why we chose it
'Good business norms' in the modern world includes a privacy friendly culture.
Why it's relevant
One word ... trust. Asking people for their personal data requires their trust.

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Bona fides

Demonstrating ex fidabona

Your bona fides are evidence you are who you say you are and will do as you say you will. We help you establish your privacy credentials to establish trust with your business partners and customers.