Cookies and Do Not Track

You are being tracked across the internet.

That may be no surprise to you even if you are not aware of the detail of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and why the ICO is investigating the use of personal data in political campaigns.

The truth is it is important to understand what how your data is being used and why
if you're not paying, you're the product
This interactive series provides great information about the issues behind cookies and the 'do not track' movement - including some very prescient video clips from the dawn of the computing age.

Take the time to go through all seven - short - episodes. It'll be well worth it.

What about business?

What we did

We cannot control everything which happens to users of our site - not least because many online tools such as social media sharing widgets come with few options to switch off these types of technologies.

What we can control is the information we provide and the tools we point our users towards.

Our Cookies Notice contains information we think is compliant but, most importantly, also useful. It provides links to tools people can use to help them understand what information is being gathered about them across the internet and get back some control.

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