First line of defence


The culture of a business starts at the top. The need for awareness of your responsibilities under Data Protection legislation, the risks poor practice poses and the benefits to be gained from getting it right obviously starts with senior management. However, cementing that understanding throughout your organisation is vital to ensuring that privacy is firmly embedded in your culture.

The view of the ICO

of all Personal Data Breaches are caused by human error rather than malicious cyber activity.

ICO Data Security Incident Trends 2018

Positive behaviours

Training is obviously not all about preventing Personal Data Breaches, but they are a good example of how everyone has a critical role in protecting the personal data you are entrusted with and the reputation of your business.

Speaking before the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, the Information Commissioner made the importance of being able to demonstrate robust Data Protection systems and controls very clear.

Focus on behaviour not knowledge of the legislation

Data Protection training should be tailored to your employees and be based on what they see and do every day.

Fidabona will put together tailored awareness training for your staff, using examples specific to your business to cover areas such as:

  • An overview of the data protection landscape and the importance of a privacy friendly culture.
  • The Data Protection legislation affecting your business e.g. GDPR.
  • The Data Protection principles.
  • The rights of data subjects.
  • How to keep data secure & why it matters.

A tailored program

Your Data Protection training should be tailored to your business and employees not only in terms of content, but also how it is delivered. We will put together a focussed program to ensure the subject matter and format of training meets the needs of your employees.
  • Face to face awareness training for management.
  • Role based workshops and seminars.
  • Elearning and evidence of learning.
  • Regular refresher courses and testing.