Full Privacy Compliance Review

Our most in depth privacy consultation service starts with an in depth review of your company's privacy compliance and culture. We liaise with your senior management and all departments to understand the privacy regimes which impact your business and the steps you have already taken to comply with them. This includes looking at:
- Core business processes 
- The personal data you collect
- Your lawful basis for doing so
- The systems you use
- Records and Retention
- Supplier Management
- Policies and procedures 
- Privacy Notices 
- Governance structure
- Risk management
- Incident Management
- Data Subject Rights
Most of all, we find out about the privacy related challenges you face and the business benefits which may come from addressing them. We help set the objectives for your privacy friendly culture and provide an in depth road map to achieving them.

A privacy friendly culture

Once we understand the gaps which need to be closed, we build a solution which includes helping you roll out a privacy friendly culture to all parts of your business. We create any new processes and documentation and help embed them within your company culture, starting with the quick wins and managing the process of anchoring new approaches and processes into your BAU operations including:
  • Article 30 records of processing activities.
  • Complete asset register and data mapping.
  • Personal Data Risk Classification.
  • Staff Awareness and training.
  • Personal Data Handling Standards.
  • DPIA and Change processes.
  • Data Subject Rights processes.
  • Personal Data Breach processes.
  • Privacy by Design & Default.
  • Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation approaches.

You're never on your own

Complying with privacy regulation is not a one off commitment and, unfortunately, there is no finish line or silver bullet to make it all go away. The regulatory landscape is always changing and your business and the needs of its customers will change over time. We offer a range of ongoing support packages from regular reviews and ad hoc assistance to our range of managed privacy services to help support your privacy function in expert, cost effective ways. We are never more than a phone call away if you need some assistance.

Test us out for free

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