Data Protection Support

You're never alone

The life of the person responsible for data protection in your organisation can be a lonely one. Even if you are fully aware of all your responsibilities and have an internal DPO with the requisite knowledge, there will be times when the resource available does not match the demands of your privacy programme. Sometimes they need skilled resource to take on some of the load or even to act as a 'critical friend' to help ensure they have considered an issue fully.

When you don't have a DPO

If you're not required to appoint a DPO and choose not to make a voluntary appointment, you will still have to monitor your compliance with your privacy obligations and be able to keep up with changing legislation and guidance from the ICO. Your teams and management will have data protection related issues and queries. Unless there is someone with sufficient knowledge within the business you run the risk of the wrong privacy decisions being made - even for the right reasons.

Support for your DPO

Your internally appointed DPO is a central focus for your organisation's privacy compliance efforts. Even when they do not have other roles to fulfil, there will be times when they need access to privacy expertise - especially if they do not come from a data protection or compliance background. They may need someone to act as a 'critical friend' or to take on some of the more routine tasks to allow them to concentrate on the continous improvement aspects of their role.

Additional Skilled Resource

In order to realise the true operational and commercial value of good privacy, you need to be able to react to the demands of your internal teams. Not every organisation has the resources to be able to maintain a full time privacy team responsible for helping to conduct legitimate interest assessments, DPIAs, dealing with Data Subject Rights requests etc. The workload associated with privacy can vary as can the availability of your internal resource - even your DPO or Data Protection Manager needs to take annual leave sometimes.

Our Solution

Our Data Protection Support managed privacy service provides you with direct access to skilled and experienced resource to support your internal privacy compliance and operational teams.

Your Fidabona support team can be available remotely or on site as required and will assist your internal DPO or Data Protection Manager in meeting the requirements of data protection legislation in areas such as:
- Data Mapping
- Records of Processing Activities
- Drafting of Policies & Procedures
- Legitimate Interest Assessments
- Supplier audit & management
- Data Processing Agreements
- Data Sharing Agreements
- Data Subject Rights fulfilment
- Personal Data Breaches
- Privacy by Design & Default
- Liaison with the ICO
We can operate a data protection help desk function available to all your staff and customers, helping to field queries on data protection matters and providing a central triage point for complaints and other issues which may need escalation to your DPO. Our team operates within your privacy governance structure and helps to ensure the strategy set by your DPO or Data Protection Manager is accessible to all areas of your organisation.  

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How it works

Our service is flexible, allowing you to choose just how involved we are in your Data Protection governance framework. We can provide support resource including administrative support, business analysts and qualified data protection compliance professionals. We make use of technology to ensure all queries and issues are logged and tracked to ensure agreed SLAs are met.
  • 24/7/365 telephone line answered in your company name.
  • direct access to skilled personnel.
  • time spent and fixed cost options.
  • time available on a drawn down basis.

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