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88% of consumers cite transparency as the key to trust when sharing their personal data with businesses.
Business partners

Business partners

Contracts can be won and lost on the strength of your privacy programme - especially in the public and corporate markets.


60% of working people fear workplace surveillance through technology will fuel distrust (65%) and discrimination (66%).
The regulator

The regulator

The ICO has said it will "encourage and reward compliance" in the way it applies its regulatory powers when things go wrong.

A privacy focused culture

The commercial benefits

Much of the talk about Data Protection legislation - especially GDPR - is about what you can't do. We believe this misses the point of what privacy really means to business.

A privacy friendly culture is not about preventing you from using personal data or creating barriers to the development of commercial and technical services. Good privacy is about ethical, transparent use of personal data and reaps the commercial benefits associated with being a trusted brand.

At a high level, we believe that these benefits can be placed under three measures of success - engage, retain, grow.


Good privacy practice will see your business being able to benefit from consumer trust, engage the new customers and business partners you want and obtain the personal data you need to offer your services in efficient and profitable ways.


Customers are loyal when you're trusted and business partners have greater confidence in how you help protect their business reputation - making you harder to shift as the incumbent. You also get to retain the data you need to develop your business.


A reputation as a trusted brand will see your customer base grow. Valuable, good quality datasets provide the business intelligence you need to develop new and better data-led services built in privacy friendly ways helping you engage more customers.

The commercial benefits of good privacy

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