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Privacy is more than GDPR

Managed Privacy Services

Specialist business support

We provide specialist resources on a long or short-term basis to support your end-to-end or partial privacy processes. If needed, we can build a privacy operational team in your preferred location.
Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer

Our DPO service offers a cost-effective way to meet your privacy obligations, leaving you to concentrate on growth.
Data Subject Rights

Data Subject Rights

From correspondence with Data Subjects to redaction of records, we can help you ensure you respond as required.
Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy Impact Assessments

We provide expert input into and impartial analysis of your Data Protection Impact Assessments.
Personal Data Breach Response

Personal Data Breach Response

We help you assess the likelihood and severity of the risk to people’s rights and freedoms following a breach.

Data Protection


Fidabona's memes on Data Protection and Privacy issues.

Our Process

The Way We Work

We hate tick boxes. We work flexibly with you and your team, helping you implement a privacy friendly culture and benefit from the opportunities that offers.

Understand what needs to be done:

This is a two way street. The wide reaching impact of privacy regulation means we ask for active involvement from senior management and all relevant departments throughout the process as your commitment to us. In return, we take the time to understand your business, its customers and the privacy regimes which apply to it. Above all, we want to know what privacy related challenges you face and which business benefits may come from addressing them. We then work with your senior management to set your company's high level objectives for your privacy review.

Find out where you are now:

The readiness exercise can look at your business as a whole or focus on specific areas. It is based upon industry best practice, ICO and European Data Protection Board guidelines and reviews key compliance areas including internal policies, DPIA processes, personal data breach response, Data Subject rights processes and DPO functions. The readiness review is conducted using a combination of on site workshops and automated tools which help streamline the process and allow you to easily attach and share necessary evidence with the Fidabona team for review.

Written feedback from Fidabona's privacy professionals:

Once the readiness exercise is complete, our team of privacy professionals will review and analyse all supporting documentation to validate and highlight the measures your organisation has already taken to comply with  privacy legislation. They will provide an in-depth findings report which will provide recommendations for any identified gaps and risks. You will then have the opportunity to discuss the report's findings with us and how to implement the recommendations as part of privacy friendly culture.

The step often underestimated or even missed:

This step avoids the tick box approach and involves setting a vision for privacy in the future and getting consensus from your management and team about the need for any change and the benefits it will bring. It therefore needs to be something that people can really imagine and see as offering positive outcomes for your business and the people involved. We help set the vision with your management and encourage positive employee action through awareness training and engagement; helping to set a positive foundation for the implementation of your privacy friendly culture.

From quick wins to anchoring a new culture:

Short term wins include filling the obvious documentation gaps and providing materials to help you demonstrate the steps you have already taken to customers and business partners. Implementation of a privacy friendly culture does not stop there. It is vital to identify factors which may threaten your privacy culture and address them through consistent, positive engagement with your employees throughout implementation, ensuring they anchor new approaches and processes into their daily work in a way which realises true operational and commercial benefits for them and your business.

You're never on your own:

Complying with privacy regulation is not a one off commitment and, unfortunately, there is no finish line or silver bullet to make it all go away. The regulatory landscape is always changing and your business and the needs of its customers will change over time. We offer a range of ongoing support packages from regular reviews and ad hoc assistance to our range of managed privacy services to help support your privacy function in expert, cost effective ways. We are never more than a phone call away if you need some assistance.


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